What is Ethos?

Ethos is an endeavour to equip students of design, architecture and civil engineering, young designers, architects and civil engineers with an awareness of our built environment. Ethos also aims at networking young professionals from different parts of the country.

What is the resource centre of Ethos?

The resource centre of Ethos would feature the work of young students and professionals. These could be award-winning work or other work of relevance - designs, studies or even essays. It is like an e-magazine that could be read online.

How would the Ethos resource centre be of use to me?

The resource centre would help give an insight into the minds and work of young professionals. It would be a showcase of talent and would help in a sharing of information. Even the work that has not been published online would be available in the Library of the resource centre for reference.

How can I get my work published on the resource centre of Ethos?

Send in your work as jpgs. or ppts in 300 dpi resolution. This could include award-winning designs, essays on issues close to your heart, studies. These will be assessed by our panel who will decide on the work to be published every month. The work that does not get published would be stored under different categories of the Resource Library. Colleges could also nominate the work of their students for publishing.

How can I use the Ethos network to access opportunities in my line of interest?

You could firstly send us your bio-data with your choice of interest which would be stored in our bank and would be forwarded to anybody who is interested. You could also state specific firms and locations. Also, keep checking our networking page for any new opportunities.

How would we be kept informed of upcoming events from Ethos?

You register with us and we will send you periodic mails to keep you updates. You could also periodically check our events page.

How could we help in taking the Ethos movement forward?

Ethos is for students and young professionals. You could help by spreading the word on Ethos, using this website effectively and responding to our mails and calls for participation early.