The Society Interiors Durian Awards

Society Interiors magazine is conducting an all-India competition for students of architecture in the month of January 2013. Society Interiors has been organizing the Society Interiors Durian Awards, a design competition for students of architecture and interior design from 2003. This competition is open to students of architecture and interior design from all over India. There are three categories in the competition - Residential, Commercial and Product design. All the briefs for the competition are set by practicing architects and are up n the website mentioned below. This is a live 6-hour competition, where students will deliver their drawings by hand. Students study the brief over a period of two months and then present the drawings in January 2013, simultaneously across 8 cities in India. 
The winners of the competition are awarded prizes at a gala award show attended by India's best architects and celebrities. For more information on the competition (design briefs for the residential, commercial and product design category and the registration form), please visit the link given below :

 Note: The registration date has been extended to 10th Dec.