Question Answer Bank on Sanitation

A CALL FOR CREATIVE THINKING TO BUILD....A Question-Answer Bank on decentralized sanitation systems (or safe & attractive low cost toilets)

For whom is this call? Are you a student of architecture? Or civil engineering? Or social sciences? Or are you simply someone sensitive and knowledgeable about sanitation systems? Then join us by submitting your question and answers to a question bank on safe and attractive low cost toilets.
What is this for? The question-answer bank will be put up on the websites of any interested agency involved in this effort to promote safe sanitation in India or other developing countries in the form of two documents. The first will contain all the questions and the second will present all the answers with explanations. This question-answer bank will thus serve as a 'teaching tool' for any agency that is involved in training or educating stakeholders on the supply chain of 'low cost toilets' delivery.
Is there any compensation for this effort? The best 1000 entries will be paid Rs 75 each. However, all entries which have a good idea will be acknowledged. The name of individual or institution and year of submission will be mentioned in the knowledge bank package. All students desiring a certificate of accepted entry will also get the same from the promoters. The contest has been conceived by Friend in Need Trust (India), promoted by WASTE (Netherlands) and executed by ETHOS (India).

Resource book for participants 


  • The Question Bank on sanitation 2012

  • The Sanitation question bank 2012

  • Answer sheet format for contest -2012