GGIF-Municipalika Urban Innovation Challenge

Smart cities are envisaged to make the life of users comfortable by being technologically well-integrated, resource-sensitive and efficient in their operations. Green buildings are envisioned to be environment-friendly in their making and are directed towards achieving sustainable growth and development. While there can be multiple definitions of Smart Cities & Green Buildings, the Urban Innovation Challenge called for ideas to explore and define ideas of what will make Indian cities smart and green.


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Winning Entry

  • JOINT WINNER - Professional-Arjun Kale, Austin Barboza and…inder Reddy

  • JOINT WINNER - Professional-Bhavin Kantilal from JJ College of…ure, Mumbai

  • FIRST RUNNER UP - Professional- Ruchira Das, Sourav Chatter… Chowdhury

  • SECOND RUNNER UP - Professional- Snehal Ramteke. Divya Sh… Abhinav Raj

  • WINNER-Under graduate- Kyrshanbor Hyniewta and Ambrose Gar… Architecture

  • FIRST RUNNER UP-Under graduate- Subhodeep Maji and Anirban …ST Howrah

  • SECOND RUNNER UP-Undergraduate- Shekoba Sanap and Dhara…OA Mumbai