Ethos NASA India - Student of the Year Award

On the occasion of the 60th year of the National Association for Students of Architecture (NASA) and the 15th year of Ethos, the Ethos NASA India STUDENT OF THE YEAR Award was launched in 2017!

The ‘Ethos NASA India - Student of the Year Award’ is a platform that celebrates individual academic as well as extra-curricular work of students and recognizes a star in the making!

2017-18 RESULTS: 

1. Suhas Dhanrale - L.S.Raheja School Of Architecture, Mumbai(Z220), 1st year; 2.Paramvir Singh -Chandigarh College Of Architecture, Chandigarh (Z103), 2nd year; 3.Adhiraj Gorule -L.S.Raheja School Of Architecture, Mumbai (Z220
3rd year; 4.Smriti Sundar -Bms College Of Architecture (Z504)- 4th year;5. Rewa Phansalkar -Academy Of Architecture, Mumbai (Z203)- 5th  year.
FIRST YEAR: Suhas Dhanrale - L.S.Raheja School Of Architecture
SECOND YEAR: Paramvir Singh -Chandigarh College Of Architecture
THIRD YEAR: Adhiraj Gorule -L.S.Raheja School Of Architecture
FOURTH YEAR: Smriti Sundar -Bms College Of Architecture
FIFTH YEAR: Rewa Phansalkar -Academy Of Architecture

Congratulations to all the winners!