College Events

While Archumen, Bending Moment, Transparence and IGBC Green Design Competition aim at spurring the budding professional's already keen eye into observing and imbibing, Ethos' intention is to go beyond and direct the enthusiasm that it has generated even from remote nooks and corners of India positively towards a healthy interchange of ideas. Ethos will showcase works and projects of students and young architects. We invite students and young architects to send in their work which could be award winning designs or thought provoking papers on the built environment.

Ethos chooses to engage these young minds in some friendly competition as a means of achieving its aim. Ethos' flagship events - Archumen and Bending Moment are extremely popular as National Quizzes on Architecture and Civil Engineering respectively among the student fraternity.

Transparence, IGBC Green Design Competition , Bending Moment, are also supported by Ethos.