Archumen & Bending Moment - Your Events You Design

Ethos India completes 10 years of commitment to building a society which is sustainable and harmonious.  It is always believed that students are the agents of change that we wish to see around ourselves. Sensitizing students to bring out ideas which will in turn make an impact on the society is the foremost aim of ethos India.

Thus to mark the tenth anniversary of Ethos, we intend to bring our change makers further into the fold.

“Your Event, You Design”

“Your Event, You Design” is a unique competition which  gives  you an opportunity to design the poster, certificates and backdrop of upcoming Archumen and Bending Moment. The chosen design’s creator/s will be given credit on stage as well as on the poster.

Poster Size - A3; 

Backdrop Size - 24’ x 9’ with a 6’ x 4.5’ or an 8’ x 6’ screen in the centre. The width may be increased or decreased by around 2’ but the height should not be more than 9’

A sample of the poster and the backdrop from the earlier years are available on You will also find the logos of Ethos, Archumen and Bending Moment on

The last date for receiving the entry is 21st of July. Please send in the entry as jpg or pdf files of not larger than 1 MB each to Files larger than this or sent to any other id will not be accepted. The winning entry will be given two days to send their design as print files. Please note that the image in actual size should not be pixellated. Also, do mention the source of any images that you may use for your design.

We look forward to your entries.


  • Ethos Logo

  • Archumen Logo

  • Bending Moment Logo

  • Sample poster

  • Sample Backdrop