About Ethos

Ethos focuses on networking students of architecture and civil engineering across the country on a common platform that would facilitate easy dissemination of information and help build confident professionals who have been awake to the external situation right from the time of joining the graduate programme. Our education, often cannot keep pace with the practical world and Ethos creates a means of ongoing education.

Ethos chooses to engage these young minds in some friendly competition as a means of achieving its aim. Ethos' flagship events - Archumen and Bending Moment are extremely popular as National Quizzes on Architecture and Civil Engineering respectively among the student fraternity. These contests give the students an opportunity to assess themselves against the best in the country.

While these events aim at spurring the budding professional's already keen eye into observing and imbibing, Ethos' intention is to go beyond and direct the enthusiasm that it has generated even from remote nooks and corners of India positively towards fostering a national interactive platform that would have a more far-reaching impact.