Architects today, are working with a lot of constraints. Besides just designers, they are expected to assume the roles of managers, entrepreneurs, documenters, facilitators, critics, theorists, collectors, archivists and historians. An increasingly complex world requires architects who can contribute to larger, more interdisciplinary teams. The world calls for architects skilled in available technologies, capable of linking and sharing information in a multi-media environment. Ethos was formed by Gita Balakrishnan, an architect, who realised the difference a stimulated student fraternity could make to the future of our built environment. "Knowledge is Power." Recognising this, Ethos aims at arming the architectural fraternity with knowledge. Ethos also works towards sensitising students of architecture to the culture and the ethos that their designs would need to respond to. There is an effort to equip students to be agents of change, to lead and not just follow and to contribute towards building of a harmonious society. Ethos' main objective is to be the wind beneath the wings of young minds that are to shape our built environment in the years to come.